A Moving Child is a Learning Child

3 Module Webinar (Group License) POA

Understanding why kids need to move and why it’s more important than ever today! Exploring the impact movement has on early childhood development, and its role as the central springboard to future success in school... and life!
Key insights for parents and educators Birth - 7 years.
3 Modules 
"I have completed all 3 Modules. They are excellent and I so appreciate you putting them together. I have had the book since it came out and I have used it as a resource with clients, but the Webinars really pulled the information together nicely.  Congratulations to the Moving Smart Team! " Joanne May 2020
MODULE 1 20mins
  • Brain Development - what does the brain prioritise in the early years
  • Automaticity - what is this?
  • The journey from real to symbolic learning

MODULE 2 40mins

  • Kinetic Development Framework
    • Evolution of Movement - the journey from in utero to fully automated coordinated movement
    • Journey of the Can Dos
  • Kinetic Scale -  organising principle for children's daily physical diet - Sensory Suite
    • Senses - the origins of all learning
    • Balance - this system governs the ability to sit still, pay attention and focus
    • Intuition - your personal GPS system
  • Reflex Development  - the origins of all movement

MODULE 3 40mins

  • Kinetic Development Framework
    • Evolution of Communication
    • Kinetic Playground
  • Kinetic Scale - organising principle for children's daily physical diet  - Motor Suite
    • Power - all muscles need power big muscles and little muscles
    • Coordination - optimising the brain for the highest levels of thinking, reasoning and creativity
    • Control - the ability to move deliberately and accurately
  • Language - real learning happens when language is put into experiential context
  • Individualising - Striking the right balance


  • A is for Apple Handout
  • Motorvator - What does an apple sound like?
  • No Propping Please - Gill's Notebook
  • Kinetic Scale Snapshot
  • Motorvator - Snail the Whale
  • Certificate of Attendance 

Best to view these on a desktop or laptop.

GROUP LICENCE includes a 1 hour Zoom Meeting live with one of our Movement Consultants. 

This webinar is available in New Zealand and Australia all other enquires here.