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Moving Smart Shapes

Moving Smart Shapes provides a rich and varied, shape-based playscape for kinesthetic learning, helping children develop spatial awareness and reasoning.

For little ones, learning shapes is an important precursor to early math skills. Moving Smart Shapes offers “my size” experiences with shapes that enrich children’s learning while providing lots of different ways to play...

VERTICAL PLAY. Standing upright, Moving Smart Shapes creates a whole-body-whole-learning maze for young children to explore while developing spatial awareness and body control.
HORIZONTAL PLAY. Laying flat on the floor, Moving Smart Shapes creates a roadway of learning fun as children walk, run, jump, hop, and leap from shape to shape in a variety of fun and challenging floor games.
TARGET GAMES. Great for eye/hand coordination, use Moving Smart Shapes as targets for games with balls, bean bags, etc.
ALL WOODEN CONSTRUCTION for years of rugged, preschool play. For indoor use in gyms or classrooms.
•Four Large Shapes (circle, square, triangle, and rectangle)
•Four Small Shapes (circle, square, triangle, and rectangle)
•Four stands

MOVEMENT FOUNDATIONS: Crawling • Walking • Running • Throwing

LEARNING FOUNDATIONS: Proprioception • Spatial Awareness • Body Control • Eye/Hand Coordination

IMPORTANT: This item is designed for indoor use only. Please store in a dry place. Use of this item outdoors or in wet conditions will void manufacturers warranty.

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