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Moving Smart Balance Board

Learning balance means knowing what OUT of balance feels like so the Moving Smart Balance Board provides fun challenges to a child's center of gravity.

MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BODY CONTROL. The square bottom of the Moving Smart Balance Board rocks forwards, backwards, and side to side, challenging children to find and keep their center through deliberate, weight-shifting movements
MULTIPLE USES. Children can play standing, sitting, or kneeling.
BALANCE GAMES. Once children master the basic "feel” for the Moving Smart Balance Board it’s easy to enhance the challenge. For instance, a simple bean bag target game from atop the Moving Smart Balance Board is a powerful test of focus, concentration, and balance.
DIRECTIONALITY.Calling out stepped instructions physicalizes children’s sense of direction and builds memory skills... Left...Right...Back...Left...Front...Right, etc.
ALL WOODEN CONSTRUCTION for years of rugged, preschool play. For indoor use in gyms or classrooms, the Moving Smart Balance Board is designed for one-child-at-a-time play. Measures 460mm square.
MOVEMENT FOUNDATIONS: Rocking • Balancing • Shifting Weight

LEARNING FOUNDATIONS: Balance/Vestibular • Proprioception • Body Control 

IMPORTANT: This item is designed for indoor use only. Please store in a dry place. Use of this item outdoors or in wet conditions will void manufacturers warranty. 
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