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Dizzy Giddy Curriculum

The programme includes 15 PROGRESSIONAL ACTIVITIES that work to develop essential physical capabilities which underpin performance and achievement in the classroom, including: 

  • Vestibular (Balance) Development to enhance FOCUS & CONCENTRATION
  • Body Control & Automaticity to develop EXECUTIVE FUNCTION
  • Temporal Awareness to improve LISTENING & LANGUAGE SKILLS
  • Muscle Strength to support BASIC CLASSROOM SKILLS


Dizzy Giddy is hard-working fun, helping to develop children’s Vestibular System (balance), body control, rhythm, timing, and muscle strength -- all necessary underpinnings for success in any learning environment.

The SMART STEPS™ for DIZZY GIDDY™ programme provides 15 progressional activity plans designed to enhance natural development and support learning objectives while preserving all the fun!


“Children don’t learn to sit still by practicing sitting still.”
...Gill Connell

WE’RE NOT BORN WITH BALANCE. When babies are born, they have no sense of balance – it must be learned. And there’s only one way to learn balance -- through movement.  When the body moves, the brain records that information and forms its own understanding of what it feels like to be in and out of balance.

WHY BALANCE MATTERS. Until a child has full control of his balance, his ability to focus and concentrate (and yes, sit still) will be in conflict with his brain’s need for vestibular (balance) stimulation. And in early childhood, the brain prioritizes physical needs are over cognitive, thinking tasks. In other words, the fidgeting will ultimately win out!