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A full day training course for teachers, teacher aids, parents, RTLB's, SENCO's, Phys Ed specialists etc. covering everything you need to now to implement and run a successful PMP programme from the philosophy to the resources required. The what, why, where, when, and how of PMP.

For more information about PMP please follow this link to our Perceptual Motor Programme(PMP) page.

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A half day course for teachers, teacher aids, parents, RTLB's, SENCO's, Phys Ed specialists currently running, co-ordinating or implementing the programme. A more informal time to review and fine tune your PMP programme and evaluations and how to use them. 

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Choosing PMP Courses

There are multiple options for initiating or enhancing your existing PMP knowledge base. Choose the solution right for your school.

To Get Started with PMP

  • Full Day In-service  - 7 hours 
  • Two Day In-service - 4 hours each day
  • Two Evening In-service - 4 hours each 
  • PMP overview (for Staff Meetings/Department Meetings, etc.)

On-going PMP Programmes

  • Helper / Parent Information Session
  • Consultation / Review Of Program
  • Reflective Course / Review of Program - 3 hours
  • Afternoon / Evening Inservice

Hosting A PMP Course

  • The host school is gifted 1 free place on the course. Valued at $249
  • The host school is asked to organise morning tea and to provide the venue, whiteboard, data projector, screen and the PMP equipment.
  • Moving Smart coordinates the bookings.

Alternate arrangements can be made for longer/shorter, more intensive in-service training and can be modified to your needs.

Schools wishing to arrange full in-service training, either as a full day, afternoon/evening, or over two evenings, frequently find that other schools in their area are also interested in attending.  So please contact us if you would like to be a host school.



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