Slowing down those fast boys, February Understanding Boys Workshop - start planning your 2018 Moving Smart workshops.
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why does my boy do everything at 100 miles an hour?
Being able to control how fast or slow you can go relies on developing vestibular balance which gives them the ability to control their body movements. Vestibular movements such as slow rolling, slow spinning and enjoying activities where the head is lower than the rest of the body we observe, are often things girls prefer doing in the playground. Of course, there are exceptions. As well, around four years of age, boys get a shot of testosterone which triggers their activity and energy levels. And of course, as well, boys are pack animals who enjoy a naturally competitve disposition. Doing it faster, quicker and better than their peers is often part of their DNA. My advice is to entice boys into the vestibular activities suggested. Challenging boys to try something is best done by using language like... 'I love the way you are running along that plank. I bet you can't do that slowly!!! Given the challenge, they will almost certainly rise to the occasion!! For more ideas, try some of the balance activities in our book 'Move, Play and Learn with Smart Steps' available on our website from page 76.
A Moving Child Is A Learning Child - Pacing
"Then I Stop" on the Pukeko Stomp CD.

In this track children are encouraged to walk, then stop, run then stop, jump, then stop and hop then stop. This encourages control and pacing for those 100 mile an hour children.
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Traffic Jam - Pacing Changing Speed and Stopping  - speed management mastering deliberate control of their speed leads children to full body control page 172 
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Understanding Boys Feb 2018
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