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Upcoming PMP Course

Wednesday 16 May  2018, 9.00am - 4.00pm

Goodwood School,
517 Fencourt Road, Cambridge
$220.00 per person (including GST)
Morning tea provided

Limited to 35 participants. Bookings are essential to secure your place.

Bring clothing and footwear for practical activities and your lunch.

Once enrolled, you will receive confirmation and course notes via email. Please print these off and bring them to your PMP course.

Movement is at the heart and at the start of how the brain develops, determining how children think, feel, behave, and learn.

Teachers of new entrant and junior classes are noticing that children are entering school and formal learning less prepared than ever before. Behaviours such as immature pencil grip, concentration and ability for the eyes to track when reading, self-organisation around the classroom, sitting still, immature letter formation and reversals (to name but a few) are becoming more and more prevalent. These physical foundations underpin success in the classroom and if not developed, can distract children from their learning.

The PMP programme helps develop these important readiness skills through fun, sequential movement activities. They are carefully structured to develop children at their own developmental stage. As well, the programme is language based giving children exposure to directional language needed for the classroom.

Teachers also gain valuable ongoing diagnostic information that includes specific developmental areas to focus on for each individual child. 

PMP is an integrated programme that includes many of the areas of the current curriculum. It is a holistic approach to learning. 

Many teachers comment that implementing PMP requires time they don’t have in the daily demands of the classroom. However, the opposite is often true as automating the physical foundations that underpin learning success will provide more time for curriculum subjects like reading, maths and language.

Content and Aims

The PMP workshop takes a “here’s why/here’s how” approach to bringing the story of movement to life for educators, classroom aides, SLT’s, teachers of children with learning differences, OT’s and specialists.

The workshop begins with a practical understanding of the science behind all those wiggles and giggles. We explore the role movement plays in early brain development, the reasons why nature prioritises movement in the developmental chain of events, and how movement prepares children cognitively, socially, emotionally, and of course, physically for the rigours of formal learning.

It will cover:

  • Child development and rationale for PMP
  • Skill techniques 
  • Floor sessions
  • Equipment sessions
  • Language follow-up sessions
  • Memory training 
  • Developing language through the PMP programme
  • Evaluation procedures 
  • Practical activities
  • Screen tests
  • Equipment resources needed to set up P.M.P
  • Steps for implementing the programme as a part of the physical education programme in the school
And remember...
“Learning Never Sits Still.”
Target Audience
  • Teachers – new entrant – Year 3
  • Teacher Aides
  • Parents
  • Phys Ed Specialists
  • RTLB’s
  • Teachers of students with learning difficulties 
  • Special Needs Teachers
Based in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, presenting for MOVING SMART Ltd., since 2008 Wendy is a recognised child development expert, specialising in the foundations of learning through movement and play. 

Wendy is the co-author of the popular curriculum publication Move Play and Learn With Smart Steps (2016).

Through her seminars, workshops, conference panels, and speaking engagements, Wendy provides developmental expertise and guidance to parents, preschools, primary schools and government agencies.

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