Monkey Bars Certificates
which hand?
I always say - if it ain't broke, don't fix it! If it's not interfering with his creativity when writing or is not fatiguing as a result of his hand and arm tiring, then leave it well alone! Sometimes it is more an adult problem.

That said, there are many children whose grip is interfering with their story writing and pencil control and are being assessed on this basis. We are finding that many more children are climbing, hanging and using their upper body strength less and less in favour of more sedentary play. This is having a big effect on their ability to grip and refine their manipulative skills. Not to mention the many other benefits this kind of play encourages. I believe monkey bars are one of the most underrated play patterns and seem to be disappearing from our playgrounds. For those who are keen to learn more about the benefits of this play, read our blog

You may also like to try our monkey bar challenge. These certificates are available on our Moving Smart Shop and provide a great step by step challenge for children to master the monkey bars and help develop essential manipulate foundations for learning.
A Moving Child Is A Learning Child Chaper 12
Six hours in-house customised staff training on Moving Smart pedagogy and the Kinetic Scale
•    Parent training sessions
•    In centre observation and demonstration movement sessions with children
•    On-going Moving Smart advisory support
•    Moving Smart customised equipment package
•    Smart Steps Curriculum and Planning
•    Moving Smart annual affiliation certification
Pricing for affiliations is dependant on centre size


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