Bouncing off the Walls


Kids are bound to be more stressed, moodier, and just plain frustrated with the limitations we're all under. It always takes time, love and attention to help them calm down. Depending on the situation, one strategy you could try is adding a little, gentle humor.

Next time your little one’s Grin goes missing, try this game. As you recite the poem, search all over your child (and add a little tickle here, there and everywhere) and before you know it, Grin will come running back!  Note: please, feel free to make up your own words to match whatever fits your particular situation.

And after you’ve found your child's Grin, reverse roles and have her find yours!


Finding Grin

Oh, where did Grin go?

I do miss him so.


Is that him on your nose?

Is that him on your toes?


Is that him on your knee?

On your wrist? Let me see.


Is that him on your tummy?

Now that would be funny.


Oh, wait! 

Now I see.

Here he comes!

Right towards me!


Welcome back,

Great big Grin!

Right at home

Above your chin!