A Kinetic Christmas Day 1

Day 1

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

BIRTH TO CRAWLING (Approximately 0-14 months)




The Kinetic Scale is a quick visual guide to the underlying benefits or "nutrients" of children's movement and play. It features three Sensory and three Motor categories of nutrients we call Physicalities. 

When a child plays, the Physicalities are at work, building the body and brain for learning. But of course, no two activities are exactly alike, so the scale tilts to show you the specific benefits inherent in all the fun!


For this first activity, you'll see the scale tilting to the Sensory side. That's because tinsel is a terrific sensory material for all ages and for any time of the year! It sparkles, shines and reflects light for strong visual stimulationwhile providing a unique, soft-yet-prickly textural experience. It curves, bends and moves to a child's will, and when it does, it makes a distinct rustling sound, great for auditory discrimination and sharpening listening skills.


Visual Stimulation, Eye Fitness

The sparkles are ideal for attracting and holding baby's attention. For infants, dangle a bit of tinsel 8-12" away from their eyes. Twist it to catch the light. Rock it back and forth across baby's field of vision to encourage early eye teaming and tracking.


Visual Stimulation

Wad up some tinsel in your hand. When you open your hand, the tinsel will pop up! A great first, "jack in the box" surprise for baby! Do it again! Babies love surprises!


Textural Stimulation, Grasp (Palmar) Reflex

Start by introducing tinsel slowly to baby. Show it to her first and talk about it. Then, place it gently on the palm of her hand for her to grasp.


Textural Stimulation, Body Awareness

Gently weave the tinsel through baby's fingers to stimulate her sense of touch. Always be aware of baby's reactions. If it appears she's not enjoying it, stop for now and try again another time. And try the same game with her toes too!


Textural Stimulation, Power, Midline Development

Once baby is crawling, lay out some tinsel on the floor and encourage her to follow the trail... right up to the Christmas tree!

We'd love to hear how your tinsel time goes, so please leave a comment here or on our Facebook page.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, active holiday season!


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