Play Makes the Best Teacher

In the early years, play is the most powerful learning tool of all. Read more

Bouncing off the Walls

Learning Though Play at Home Read more

Equipment Inspiration

Ideas, ideas and more ideas to extend the movement challenges offered to children. Read more

Moon Hopper Can Do Challenge

I can sit still on the Moon Hopper for 10 seconds with my feet off the ground. Read more

Caterpillar Crawling

Fun Ways to Get from Here to There
Tummy Crawling positions, On All Fours ... Read more

Does Smart Steps with PMP have an affect on Learning and Behaviour in the Classroom?

What impact on the acquisition of competency in the foundation skills required for success at school. Read more

Understanding Children & Stress

Scientists studying stress have shown that when a human being feels threatened Read more

Happy Endings

There are essential bodies of research on the subject of play. Read more

Do you have the secret password?

Children's free playtime is precious, especially these days when kids are often on as tight a schedule as we are. Read more

PMP Music for Floor Sessions

All the Music you need for your PMP sessions in 1 Album Read more

Active Play Guidelines

Sit Less, Move More, Sleep Well Read more

Monkey Bar Can Do Challenge

Helping kids develop manipulative prowess which is ultimately the key to good writing and penmanship.  Read more

Funding Success

Many schools have great success with funding applications for the PMP programme Read more