Happy Endings

The other day, my granddaughter had a sleepover and we were playing together for most of the afternoon. I had to jump on a quick conference call so I stepped away for a few minutes, leaving her happily playing princess in the living room.
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A Moving Child Is a Learning Child

I explained that I believe movement is the under-appreciated piece of the early childhood puzzle, and that I wanted parents and teachers to understand the vital role movement plays in helping little ones reach their fullest potential. Read more

THE KINETIC SCALE: Beyond Gross & Fine Motor

Well, it's official! A Moving Child Is a Learning Child is in print!... Read more

Meeting Nature: On our way to the duck pond

Some time ago when my granddaughter was visiting, we took a walk in the park as we always did. Caitlin loved the duck pond and we usually made... Read more

The Seven Senses

Beyond the five senses we learn about in school (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch) there are actually two more: the vestibular system (sense of balance) and proprioception... Read more

How slow can you go?

Lucky me! The other day I had a "Charlie Day" with my grandson (whose name is Jakie not Charlie, but that’s a story for another day). Charlie Days consist of a sleepover followed by... Read more